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Welcome you guy and girl to my blog again. How do you do during last week is it good? Hope you have a nice week. During last and this week do you watch any advertisement or TV commercial? I hope you see one, at least you can see it on Facebook or Twitter, how do you like it so far? Is it kind of annoying right? I hate it too but I still love it sometimes when it is attractive enough. Mostly the advertisements that I love is on television because it has time to tell a story to make us thinking along the commercial and it is more emotional than other kinds of commercial or advertise. Now, you will notice about the topic that I am going to talk about, it is the Thai’s TV commercial that really catches my attention so bad, 100% love it and I want to share with you all and plus include some lesson learn ❤ Let’s begin now!

Asking question first, do you know what people like to consume nowadays? Information or Entertainment? From the last two-week that we have been together, I have told you that we are easy to be controlled because we are in hyperreality from media that is why we consume only the information that media want us to consume and we mainly to appeal to the entertainment which is using our emotional.


Reaching a huge amount of an audience require tools to invade the audience mind. Popular culture is the common tools that we use. It sounds like simple words and it actually simple even the meaning and the way to do that.

According to Oxford dictionaries pop culture:
modern popular culture transmitted via mass media and aimed particularly at younger people.
According to Cambridge Dictionary pop culture:
music, TV, cinema, books, etc. that are popular and enjoyed by ordinary people, rather than experts or very educated people

How can an ordinary people like us resist it right? Such a very appealing way to use a majority of the society, for example, a teenager by letting them consume your media with a little trick like emotional, how can they deny the pop culture?

Does it sound like simple as I have said right? we are tame for this kind of things for too long and pop culture is not happen just a few years but it exists for a long time like postmodernism.

Go to our example for today. Have you ever watch a 7-eleven commercial before? Do you know that 7-eleven Thailand also creates a TV commercial for a special occasion too not just a commercial for their product? In Teacher’s day, every year this company launch a new commercial to show how their respect the teacher, in Thailand we respect them as a career that really high respect but I will let you judge did they succeed or not let’s see ~

How do you feel after watching? I cry a lot after watch it on TV, it really touches that someone can do something really great like this and do you think is it work or not? It works! It reaches a huge attention from the audience like they are being talked of the town even they are not selling any 7-eleven product on the commercial or to be clear they are not selling anything or convincing you. Behind the respect purpose of the commercial is to be remembered like be a talk of the town when they launch it. Emotional is the tools that they use to be their selling point to reach a huge amount of audience.

Focusing on the pop culture style not only that it is popular among the social media society or using emotional themes to help to gain attention but it is more than that. 


That commercial tells the story of someone who the life of the principle of Wannawit School, the school that around with the condominium and nearby BTS Nana station which was targeted by many investors for replacing a school to a condominium but even 1,000 million cannot buy this school.

The words based on a true story is being used in this commercial. It looks like a reality but it is hyperreality. As I have mentioned in last two blogs, media can put some colorful things into it or at least they can edit, add sound, or camera angle to make it really emotional for the audience. Hyperreality with the mix of emotional makes this commercial go viral and easy to absorb or consume by the audience since we love entertaining which include a sad story or secret story that we do not usually see or hear in daily life. The mainstream Media like YouTube or TV are also the tools that spread this kind of pop culture to every corner of society.

This style of commercials are typical use in the postmodern world, we are no longer directly sell to the audience, it is not appealing like a killer: one shot one kill! We are more in a softer way to be like a poet: simple, beautiful, and meaningful with a use of emotional.


The emotional that use in this commercial is not only a sad story but it includes a happy scene, for instance, the scene that the old version of the principle talk with the little girl or solve the fighting problem between two boys by tying them together.


You will see some Thai’s intertextuality in this commercial in the ending scene that a group of student who already graduates from this school sing a pray around the principle bed. It is a pray that Thai’s student sing in a teacher’s day every year until it is our traditional.

‘For the honor of the teacher’ the theme of the commercial is really touchy and it gains around 2 million views on YouTube which is a nice shot. The company did not aim to sell anything to us in the commercial, just says that they are doing it for the honor of every teacher but it is indirect selling. The purpose of the clip just for being recognized by the audience during the teacher’s day. According to pop culture style, it should have a short life cycle and yes, this clip just launches in a limited occasion but it still gains an attention until now. In my opinion, pop culture’s commercials are more brand recognition rather than selling. We choose to build brand loyalty which confirms that audience will consume your product forever like we built a strong relationship with someone.


You can see that it is the new ways of advertisement that we are more in a soft selling ways and we tend to keep doing in this way more often for every brand not only 7-eleven. If you want more example of the poet style of the commercial in pop culture era just type ‘Don’t cry challenge’ on YouTube you can see that most of the commercial are from Thailand and it is very super persuading you to cry, I don’t know why even I watch it for many times but I cry every time that I watch maybe I get deep into this kind of pop culture. I hope you learn some things from this week blogging and hope you all have a nice day and night don’t forget that…….

‘The things that entertain you can educate you too.’

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5 responses to “Pop commercial & Pop culture

  1. Good examples! BTW I also like how you’re using only stationary (bold, quotes, etc.) to highlight certain aspects of your post. Makes it easy to understand and to relate to other posts.

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  2. Interesting topic!! For me I have watched this kind of video before. It is very touching and emotional. It is also related to commodity to pop culture and commercial that we have learned in class. Overall, I like it and looking forward to read many more topics of your post:D


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