Pop culture’s toys & I 

Happy day everybody <3, how was your week? everything going well? Hope that you all well not like me who took a mid-term exam last week T_T For today, we are going to keep the themes of popular culture same as last week but this topic will be the things that have a direct effect on me on also on you guys at least one lifetime you have to face this kind of pop culture that it make profit!!!!


From last week that I am talked about the advertisement and commercial in a pop culture style which is a soft one and it generates the views, money, fame to the owner, and some are created for raising awareness. For this week it also about a soft sale but more clear since it is a touchable thing that is visible and touchable not the emotion like last week.

Let’s recall what is Pop Culture:

  • Short life culture
  • Accepted by the majority of people
  • Teenagers are the main target
  • Against Old or Traditional Culture
  • Make money

As I have mentioned that this culture is able to make money it leads the investor or marketer to use it to persuade us to do what they want like buying some things that we don’t really need or maybe we need it but who know that? Kind of a False Need, the things that we want it but not need it. 

My mom always said to me ‘Don’t be a slave of what market try to sell to you’ Of course, I absolutely follow her word until I was introduced to the world of ‘toys’, when I was just a little girl. When you were young your parent will bring you some of the toys that some are educating and some are only for entertained you, it is the only one time it you life that you can play toy without any complain from your parent.


I don’t know why but marketing and pop culture hit me since I was too little to tie my shoe. As you know that pop culture is a culture that somehow and many times it makes money to the creator. Money or in economic terms we call it as a ‘Profit’ the money that already deduct the cost is profit. The aims of the marketing are to find the way to reach us as an audience and from the las week blog post, Do you know what is the best way to do that? Popular Culture is that tools that really help to boost money. 

Start from the beginning you will have a first toy that looks like baby toys for a baby. Yes, it looks cute and simple since you parent wants to impress and increase your knowledge by that toys. Toys in this step will be brought by your parent without your decision but how can they know that their toys will work for you. Most of your parent is influenced by Evangelism Marketing it is a marketing that influences the people who can talk about the advantage of the product or by Word-of-mouth Marketing like your neighborhood or your grandparent claim that the toys are good for a baby then your parent will influence by those words.


When you grow up a little bit when you can choose what things that you want to buy or you can influence to buy what you want. During this time the kids are influenced by the pop culture which is a cartoon or the bedtime story character. The school or kindergarten that they went to also influence them too. When the kids saw toys that they want from their friends, they will get jealous and beg their parent to buy it. Even you eliminate every pop culture in your child’s life but others that close to you or your children can be the influencers, It is like a hyperreality idea.

The toys that from a cartoon or have the pop culture style like a monster or superhero is always can be sold. It is more appealing to the audience to buy a toy that is a well know figure. Lego is also a pop culture toys even some lego do not a superhero style, but lego itself is already a pop culture product and they are making a good marketing, for example, lego land, and lego the movie, everybody loves lego it targeting every generation of the society from lego of kids to lego that can make a moving robot for adult.


From the kids then now from teenager to adult, we are completely under controlled by the marketing and the pop culture. The toys from us are not from playing anymore because we are addicted to the phrase ‘Adult doesn’t play a toy’ but it does mean that we can’t have toys then the toys for this generation is not for playing. A money, our desired, marketing plan, and pop culture will go together. For teenager and adult we are easy to absorbing the trend and this generation have money to pay for the advanced toys, for example, Do you collect any figure from a cartoon or movie? Do you know how much it is? I do collect a figure and I can guarantee that it is expensive until you think that it is not a toy.

I collect a One Piece figure it is a character from a Manga (Japan Comic). This comic won a  Guinness World Record title for having the Most copies published for the same comic book series by a single author. It confirms that this comic is worldwide and get a lot of attention then it is can count as a phenomenon and pop culture that makes a lot of money. When the product like a comic hit the market they will create more product besides the comic to make more money like a book, pen, figure, or the limited edition things. The figure of One piece are collecting by a worldwide collector and it is not only from this cartoon by other pop character are also famous and worth to be collect too like Hot Toy.


Hot Toy is the figure of the movie that really popular and it will create and design to be the same as the character in the movie. The price of Hot Toy is double or triple times expensive than the normal figure but it is sold out really fast.

Hot Toys - The Terminator - T800 (Battle Damaged Version) Collectible Figure_PR13-noscale

People loves toy, it is entertaining and appealing but the price of the toys increase as the age of the collector and it becomes more fantasy that you can imagine. This is the example of the product of the pop culture that makes a lot of money and it creates a collector society. It adds a value of the product like a toy when it using a pop culture character. Even though not every people think that it is nonsense and some think it is crazy, we can watch or consume the media and then just that, why we have to buy a figure? But it is attractive for a group of people like me and it always can be sold especially for the expensive one. Pop culture that me and you consume more than just a media it can be a pop music album, figure, stationery, or just buy some cloth that looks like your idol that also a pop culture product from the marketing plan. 


I hope that you get some things from my blog, hope that help you understand about popular culture more and more. See you in my next blog post and remember that

‘The things that entertain you can educate you too.’

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2 responses to “Pop culture’s toys & I 

  1. Omg I like collecting figures too! and yes, I indeed agree with you that pop culture is a culture that somehow and many times it makes money to the creator… and the one who loses money is me T__T


  2. After reading this, I realised that the fools are the prey of marketing and pop culture! And it seems like I’m one of them. The word ‘limited edition’ is so powerful to me, especially my favorite cartoon.


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