Me: K fans use mass media 2008-2017

Hello everybody welcomes again to my blog toey-tankkanang. How the weather of your place I hope that it is nice not like my country that in the morning it is super mega hot but in the afternoon the heavy rain pour from the sky like a storm T_T It makes me feel sick a bit but not too tried to write a blog hahaha. For today, we have special things on my blog, I have done a collaboration with two of my lovely friends being natcha and worldmusicwithmp. Moreover, this blog will have a VLOG!!!!! to entertain you all ❤

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The content for today will be the things that different from the other blog that I have done because normally I wrote about entertainment things like TV, Movie, Cartoon, and Advertising but for today I will write about K-pop! and of course, I will relate to media topic. Okay, for today I will talk about how K-Fans use mass media from time to time like then and now comparison based on my 9 years experienced.

The guideline of the media topic that I am going to talk today is not only the way we use media and what media we use then and now but I will show you how it effect and change the way you consume even the way you think. Media disruption is the media terms that we are going to talk and learn from this blog post. If I told you about the definition of this word maybe you will not really understand it but if I show you this lead of the article that I found, you will get the point of this word.

Media is just one of the many industries that are experiencing disruption – Uber, Air BNB and Amazon, to name a few, have changed the way consumers feel about ordering a taxi, booking a hotel room and retail. 

Let’s start with the word K Fans. It is referred to the person that love in the Korean pop idol or singer. It has been a while that Korea creates a pop culture to shake to the world. This pop culture makes many people gone wild and become fans of those pop culture.

We all know that now we lived in the era that new media is very popular like Facebook, Twitter, and others media that use the internet. Old media is the also the platform that we sometimes use now but frequently use in the past.


In the past, when I was just a little girl who starts to follow the K-wave, I use the magazine and newspaper as a tool to follow-up the news because the internet at that time is not really convenient. The inconvenient in this case mean at that time around the year 2008, the computer is so big and the internet connection takes a long time then magazine and newspaper are suitable for me to keep up with the news.

‘The boy Kimchi’ is the magazine that I have brought the most for reading what happen of my k-pop band. It is a colored monthly magazine that contains all of what I need such as a picture, funny story, and translation of some variety show. That is all that I need at that time, just to know the news like a monthly update is enough.

Comparing to now I cannot even control myself not to open a twitter or Facebook, I have to be up to date and to be like that is to open every social media at least once a day. I’m wondering after I thought about my blog topic last weekend that how boring my life when I was a K-fans in 2008? I have to wait for a release of the magazine. That was fantastic that my patient is decreasing through time or maybe it is decreasing because of the media change.

Let’s change to another angle. For the music and video of K-pop that I watched when I was young are came from the request of someone. As I have mentioned that the internet is not widely used at that time then for listening or watching my favorite band I have to send a message to a TV program or on a radio.

At that time ‘Seed Radio Station’ is very popular, they have a time for 5 minutes from 18:05 to 18:10 for ‘Seed Asian Break’ that we can request 1 Asian song. I will borrow my grandmother’s radio and go to the park of my village to wait for my favorite band’s song on the radio, everyday at that time (I can’t listen to their song in my house because my grandmother said that listen to a foreign song is like you not love your country!! I don’t see the relationship of that but I love her then I go outside because I don’t want her to get angry).


Sometimes when I send SMS to the radio station if I lucky my song will be chosen but mostly is not hahaha. For nowadays, Seed Radio Station is already closed down because the amount of the audience decrease every year, that shows how the change of us. Everybody who has a smart phone will have a music player function from that, nobody will listen to the radio because they can choose what they want to listen on their own.

Normally when I listen to my apple music I do not listen to the whole song, that a weird behavior, I know but I can’t fix it because I know what part that I like and I can choose it by myself then why I have to wait until the end of the song, If I don’t like this part then I change. It looks like I am an impatient person which is true but on the top of that is related to the research of attention span.


This research shows that people nowadays is bad in stay focus on something like I can’t listen to the whole music. We are all a short temper people. I don’t know what cause this problem to happen maybe because we learn many things that why we are selective or maybe everything is fast then why we have to stay still.

Not only the attention spans is decreased but some of the human sense are losing such as share and socialize. These two things change themselves from what we have known by dictionary to be the others things that different. Sharing is idea that we give what we have to others like when you listen to radio is like you share a music to others or request a music on the radio and say that you want to send it to your lover, that is such a classic sharing moment ❤

Now we are living isolated if we want to listen to music then we download or listen online, for instance, YouTube, and if we want to share then you click share to your social account, everybody will know it but who will click-through it? The way we socialize change like the previous one too in many years ago radio bring the community to stay together to listen to the song or news but now radio on the internet make people stay isolated because you can do it on your own and everybody have their device to access.

The way we communicate change by the media very fast. Do you have Line or WhatsApp on your mobile phone? If you have it answer me ‘How often do you make a call and send a message?’ I prefer to send a message too which I don’t know why but I feel the message is more convenient even the fact is you make a call is having more interaction but many people prefer to do like me.

In a K-fans world, we communicate too. In the past, I do play web board of a k-fans in Thailand it is fun and we live like a real community. I do create a post on a web board and love to see many comments. Now I’m still communicating with other but now is more fantasy. I tweet something about K-pop with funny memes to express my feeling or my face toward what I post If people agree they will retweet, if they have a question they will ask, and if they love it they will click liked.

I only receive a comment only when someone is curious about my post not like in the past that the comment can be appreciation, ask a question, or give feedback, now we are building a communication in a short and instant version.

Globalization makes the world closer by the born of the internet but it separates us apart by its function. Retweet on twitter makes a 1-2 sentence become a 1 button. It is short and easy but less human sense. Moreover, the visual that use instead of a word is make us be a lazy communicator. In the past, if my friend day-dreaming about her k-pop bias become her boyfriend on the web board I will reply with a joke and laugh all day but now if my friend to that I will send her memes or if she do it on Line app then I will send her a sticker.


Memes are widely used in the social media now it represents our word but it my opinion it loses the sense of real communication. Hashtag also the way we communicate on social media it can be a feeling, place, or whatever, I use it too to be part of somethings like #kfans #kpop #winner it represents the group that I belong to which no need to build a web board or knowing each other because we can be anonymous.


Media not only change the world that we live in but it also change us, a people who live in the world. K-fans is just an example of mine to show that how it change my life and routine. We are going deep enough about this today topic but it has more to discuss because media change everyday.

For the end of today blog, down below you will see a video of how K-fans use mass media from time to time and it has more angle that I didn’t cover on this blog but feel free to ask everything, I am always right here to answer your question. We have to say goodbye now hope we enjoy my blog for this week and hope that it is nor too long to read, don’t lose your attention so fast, see you soon and

‘The things that entertain you can educate you too.’


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