Are we going to die because of AI?

AYO WASSUP! Welcome back to my blog again and again. How was your day? Hope that you have an awesome day. Okay, for this week topic I got an inspiration from a movie that I have seen in this past week. It is a cool and great movie but on top of that, what I saw is somethings that really ridiculous for me because I have seen this kind of things for many years and it still keep repeat over and over again. Now, you have a guideline what I am going to talk about. For today blog post I will show you the reason and supporting example about the question ‘can we trust AI & are we going to die because of that?’ by interpreted from movie and research.

Start with the definition first as I always do

Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. It has become an essential part of the technology industry.
Research associated with artificial intelligence is highly technical and specialized. The core problems of artificial intelligence include programming computers for certain traits such as:
• Knowledge
• Reasoning
• Problem solving
• Perception
• Learning
• Planning
• Ability to manipulate and move objects

Someone saw it as an opportunity to change the world by using the idea that AI will help our humanity. Being friends, labor, partner, or supporter these are the expectations that we believe that AI will give us but someone says that it turn to the other way.


According to a research, there is two type of AI, first is the AI that we commonly see in nowadays is a ‘weak AI’ and the AI that we usually see in the movie is a ‘Strong AI’. A Weak AI is only able to have a face recognition or an internet search but for a Strong AI that many researchers aim to create the AI that has a dream concept same as what mentioned on the definition.

At first I don’t notice that some point of the movie will become a topic on my blog but I have seen many of them in my past life and they are in the same pattern that we can’t trust them they are enemy or they are our submission because we made them then they are below us.

The question about this topic still remains unsolved since we don’t have a strong AI in our mankind but in the movie show us the guidelines of what it will be to have the world with an AI walking beside us like a first movie that I want to talk about is iRobot.


This movie shows the different angle of AI that we never saw in ‘Javis’, a left hand of Tony Stark, Javis is like a nerd and VIKI is a badass. The AI named ‘VIKI‘ in iRobot saw the flaw of human which is our weakness and emotion then she try to control us but as always happen she lose at the end. Vicky believes that emotion and empathy are the things that make human weak which make her who is a high intelligence thing can be a boss.


I think her belief is true that emotion and empathy make us weak but it is the sense of being human, she is a computer that why she don’t understand. According to a research this point is the big things that make people don’t trust in AI because they think in a favor of reasoning but the opposite side argues that feeling is also the factor in making a good decision.

AI was built to be reasonable according to what we expect them to be and making a decision is an ability that they can do. Trusting them or not is the question that remains unsolved we have to adjust our critical thinking to judge the advice from AI case by case but let’s see down below that what I suggest you to think after we talk about the next question.

Two point that appears in iRobot is that is it good to trust an AI? Let’s talk about another point which is the following problem that we discuss. Can AI harm our humanity because they are better than us at every angle? This is also the point that people concern too since we watch a lot of movies that AI see us as a weak point that should eliminate. What they feel is like a hyperreality from the media like a movie but we cannot conclude it is right or wrong because we never have a strong AI before.

From the movie AI, The AI that better than us is an enemy and the cute and lower than us are a friend like comparing with Skynet and C3PO.

For the question that it is dangerous for our mankind or not? Let’s me talk in this way C3PO is an interpreter that help a character is Star War making a decision, translate a foreign language, and be a helper of the character because he was made to do so, obey a human command, and his emotion is under control. C3PO did have a feeling and fear but he never uses that to attack human (I think he doesn’t have a war mode) because he was built to be a friend and helper.

For this kind of things that cute like C3PO that have a limited function in solving a complex problem or making a decision about nuke then he still not harm our humanity according to from Star War.


Skynet from a Terminator is a program who think about eliminate a human and take over the world to have only a machine. She learns from the data that pass trough a cable. Skynet can think by itself like C3PO but the different point is that she was born to control the nuclear launching system. She evaluates the situation that could harm the nation or humanity then she turns on her defend mode. Unlucky that she learns that human harm her safe zone that is why she want to destroy us by using many ways.


Similar to the machine from ‘Project Insight’ in Captain America: the winter soldier. This machine will analyze every people in the world from their criminal record, ID number, and many personal things to predict that are we going to commit a crime or not in the future, if yes then it will eliminate us right away. The problem is every people have done somethings bad in their life more or less and the machine thinks that it is a possibility that we will do it again. From the film is this machine is going to kill a huge amount of people from what they have analysis.


Both AI is better than us in many ways because they have an authority which means that it is above us then equal to a threat of human life.

From the research that I have done, I think that having an AI is not that bad, it depends on how you going to give to role or authority to the AI and moreover is how you react toward it. Destroying humanity by AI? Or by Human itself, we can choose. I have read a research that AI is build of helping human but still controlled by us but we think and trust AI as a professional person even though it is a computer program because we believe that it always right until we don’t use human sense, emotion, instinct, or knowledge. We invent AI to help us to have a better life not to replace us.

This is a sample research that I found on the internet. The researcher creates an emergency situation and sees that people are going to follow what robot have advice or not and here is their outcome.

Using fake smoke and a real fire alarm, they tested whether subjects would trust the robot to lead them to safety if it made a major mistake during the emergency—such as taking a long, “circuitous” route, or entering into a darkened room, or pointing at a corner, as if confused.

The team found that not only did subjects trust the way-finding robot, they kept trusting it even after it made dumb mistakes. “We wanted to ask the question about whether people would be willing to trust these rescue robots,” said senior researcher Alan Wagner yesterday in a news release. “A more important question now might be to ask how to prevent them from trusting these robots too much.

See that! We are faithful on AI because we trust them like when you trust google map because you believe that it will offer you the best route. I can predict what will be in the future of human, if we still think that we want AI to offer the best choice in every answer we will face the dead-end if we do not use our human feeling, experience, or instinct along with AI ability.

Trust or not? No humanity or not? It depends on you. In the film, you will see obviously what is good and bad AI? Are they going to kill us or not? But since we don’t have a perfect one now then I just use movie is a guideline but it is not my final answer of AI. The answer of that is what is going to happen in the future start from now that you are not too coward, fear, or under control. Be the master of them, not a slave.

For today blog post is ending now. I wish that this information helps you to have a better understand about AI and how to use it. It is just from my point of view and research that I found. The answer still remains unpredicted but maybe some of you have an idea about how to deal with AI in the future. It will come to our door in one day, hope that we will survive hahaha wish that they are cute like R2D2. We have to say goodbye now and don’t forget

‘The things that entertain you can educate you too.’


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